Hiring an immigration lawyer in Dallas: Check these pointers

No matter whether you intend to work as a foreign worker in the US or need help with immigration court proceedings, it is always prudent to seek legal help. Representing yourself in immigration matters when your entire life and career are at stake is never smart. You need an immigration lawyer who can be your trusted resource to navigate through the complex and overwhelming system. Law firms in Dallas, like Pollak Immigration, PLLC, work with applicants and employers all the time. If you are hiring an attorney for your visa or related tasks, here are some pointers to consider.

  1. Look for referrals: If you know colleagues, family members, or friends who have worked with immigration attorneys in the past, ask for referrals. This is a great way to minimize the hassle of sorting options. Alternatively, you can consider searching the internet for ready listings.
  2. Always check the profile: Does the immigration lawyer deal with similar matters as yours? Do they work with employees and foreign workers? What are their areas of expertise? Don’t shy away from asking pertinent questions when you meet the lawyer.
  3. Be wary of unusual promises: You must be more cautious about trusting an attorney with immigration matters. While lawyers can streamline tasks and simplify the process, they don’t have the power to speed up things. In many cases, the outcome is often based on circumstances. Your lawyer may predict problems but cannot promise a particular result.
  4. Consider the response: Most immigration matters are time-sensitive, and you need an attorney or law firm that’s available. Check the lawyer’s schedule by calling their office and see if you can get an appointment. Ask the attorney if you can meet them in person for the first consultation, and they should ideally explain the timeline of the case.
  5. Ask about costs: Always review whether you can afford an immigration attorney. You may need to pay for other expenses pertaining to the case, while your lawyer may bill you an hourly rate and have a retainer fee. Negotiating the lawyer’s payment is okay, but don’t be tempted to hire the cheapest lawyer.
  6. Check the reviews: You can always call the immigration law firm’s office for client references, but a better idea is to look for reviews and testimonials online. You can also find ratings on social media and other websites, which can help you choose between options.

Call an immigration lawyer in Dallas immediately and book your first session.

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