Dying To Try Sushi Bake? Get These 10 Pieces From A Kitchen Equipment Supplier In Singapore!

There is no denying that social media shopping is at an all-time high. The numerous local shops dashing out of nowhere are proof. Because of that, I started loving how promotional videos on TikTok and online stores on Instagram sell their products, especially foods, these days. Armed with well-curated photos and friendly-priced goodies, it would definitely fuel your urge to buy or bake. I was close to buying chillers in Singapore because of the milk tea and iced coffee rage.

One of the foods that took over my Instagram feed and my heart is sushi bake! Apparently, I discovered I wasn’t the only one who was fond of the sushi bake craze, and it’s not hard to determine why. When I messaged and bought from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore, several sushi bake lovers also ordered tools and ingredients to DIY their own sushi bake at home!

If you want to know what I got from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore, check the pieces I bought for your browsing pleasure.


  • RICE COOKER. Rice is one of the main ingredients of a sushi bake. Although a rice cooker is usual in Asian households, it is still best to ensure you got one. And if you have none, I suggest messaging a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore.
  • A LARGE BOWL is also necessary to mix all ingredients, especially the rice and seasoning.
  • SUSHI PADDLE. Another piece to also get from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore is a sushi paddle. This one-long tool has helped me mix the rice and seasoning efficiently and hassle-free.
  • SUSHI VINEGAR. Although this is optional, I chose to add sushi vinegar to add extra spice and flavour to the rice mixture. This item comes in two formulas–liquid or powder seasoning. When you buy from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore, I highly recommend going for the liquid product.


  • SUSHI NORI. Also known as sushi nori or sushi seaweed, this piece is also one of the most essential. It is what you will use to wrap portions of rice. Never be afraid to buy in bulk from your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore, as it can last up to a year and a half at room temperature.
  • SUSHI ROLLING MAT is where you will place and shape the roll.
  • SUSHI GLOVES. Although this one isn’t necessary, this gear allows you to handle, shape, and roll the sticky rice mixture without glueing to your palms and fingers.
  • SUSHI KNIFE. Another thing you may get from a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore is a sharp knife.
  • FILLINGS include eggs, seafood or crab sticks, cucumber, kanpyo, mango, natto, tobiko, and the like.
  • ELECTRIC OVEN. If you don’t have an electric oven, consider opting for commercial kitchen equipment leasing and renting. I highly recommend placing your finished product in the oven for five minutes. Doing so can give you the perfect sushi bake!

If you’re like me, trying to explore different foods and figure out the trends, I suggest getting Bakers & Chefs as your bakery equipment supplier in Singapore. Visit their website to catch a glimpse of their products!

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