Do You Know About The Few Best Cities Where Golfers Will Prefer To Live?

If you are a golfer, then most of your like-minded people will always have a golf course in their mind when they want to think of their most favorite place to live. Yes! There are a few cities having plenty of sunny days, many golf courses, and also affordable housing too. Some of these cities are much better suited for your regular trips too.

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Now let us talk about those cities where, as a golf lover, you would like to move.

Portland, Oregon

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Portland claims to have 4.48 golf courses for every 100,000 residents, and hence leads the way so far as access to golf courses is concerned. Besides that, Portland also scores high scores for several other categories too.

Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert gets the second spot and has 150 golf courses. The household income is $68,729 and the crime rate is almost 1,320 per 100,000.

Chandler, Arizona

There are 150 county clubs and golf courses so, if you are a golfer and value variety and also love to switch, then this city will be a good choice for you.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you want to live on the East Coast, then Winston-Salem is the best bet. It has 3.25 country clubs and golf courses/100,000 residents.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne has the 3rd-highest so far as golf-course density is concerned, with 3.8 golf courses/100,000 residents hence you need less time to wait for getting a golf course.

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is a wonderful place for golfers as it has got the 3rd-most golf courses/100,000 residents and it never rains.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale has got 150 county clubs and golf courses within its area or in other words 3.6 golf courses/100,000 residents. You will get great variety and also access to different golf courses by living here.

Lincoln, Nebraska

There are 11 golf courses available in Lincoln, Nebraska, after considering the population, Lincoln will actually rank quite well. There are 3.59 county clubs and golf courses/100,000 residents.

Riverside, California

Riverside ranks 10th because of the least rainy days and also has got the second-highest concentration so far as golf courses are concerned.

Boise, Idaho

Boise has got 2.53 county clubs and golf courses/100,000 residents, and also here the cost of living is pretty low. So, it might be the right place for you for a budget friendly relocation.

Hope this information will be quite useful and informative for you to choose your city as a golf lover. Know about each more and pick wisely.

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