Different procedures that could help your self-confidence

There are many different scenarios and situations that can damage a person’s self-confidence, not helped by the way the media and famous people of any gender are displayed pretty much everywhere you look. 

However, what you need to keep in mind is this is only surface beauty and the person has been posed at their best point, done up to perfection and then photoshopped until the image you see is barely recognizable as the individual. If you really struggle with your confidence and self-esteem you should talk to a mental health professional. However, if you really want to change a physical aspect of yourself, then there are some solutions. 

#1 Dental implants

If, like most people, you do not have the perfect smile, but aspire to the heights of the Hollywood stars, then gaining dental implants could be the way forward for you. There are also many options to whiten your teeth if you just want your smile to be a bit brighter.  

However, there is a level of unease when considering home whitening kits. For instance, not everyone is OK to use them as they have chemicals that can burn gums and cause sensitivity in teeth. There is also the issue that they could cause harm to tooth enamel. 

You should talk to your dentist about your various options to alter the look of your teeth and mouth. 

#2 Eye surgery

Not everyone that wears glasses is happy to do so. Some people believe that when you are wearing glasses the image of you gets distorted and those facing you will focus on the glasses rather than the person behind them. This of course can be put to one side if you are happy to wear contact lenses rather than your glasses. However, you do have to realize that contact lenses are not for everyone and there are health risks if you do not follow astringent cleaning instructions.

However, there are other options and you could chose a specialist to perform laser eye surgery, such as one from SMILE eye surgery. Depending on your requirements and how well you can see now will decide on what treatment is best for you. It is a good idea to book a consultation and discuss all the options, pros and cons before getting your heart set on a particular solution. 

#3 Hair transplants

In days past, if you wanted more hair due to hair loss or thinning, then you would be looking purely at some sort of wig. There is a multitude of different wigs on the market, and they range from artificial hair to the genuine article. Undoubtedly, real human hair wigs can be quite expensive, but you will be getting real locks that react the same way as your own hair would. Whereas with artificial hair you will need to read instructions carefully. Some are susceptible to heat and may melt if used in straighteners or tongs, some require special washing care or are not recommended for home washing.

However, in addition to this, there is now the option of having a hair transplant instead. This is where hair is removed from one part of your body (usually the back of your head) and then transplanted to the area of your head that requires additional hair.


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