Comfortable and safe wear

A distinct and more elegantfabric wear called silk robe which Is available for both men and women is available all over the world.

silk kimono robe clothes are available in the market in a wide variety of styles and forms

  • Cherry painting on mulberry silkgown with short silks

Look out for the presence of pure mulberry because it is one of the best silks either natural or man-made.each thread of this pure white colouredcloth is unbroken and smooth when woven together resulting in beautiful fabrics. It contains a protein called sericin which reduces allergic reactions. So,it’s best suitable for people whose skin texture attracts allergies.

  • Descriptionof cloth
  • Its for womenand can be available in many colors with many sizes as well
  • No pocket and with ¾ the sleeves
  • Having the front open with a silk belt attached outer to close
  • Can be used at night and early morning to do routine because it’s so comfort
  1. Long bathrobe
  • It’s silk that is soft and simple to wear with delight colour combination
  • It’s apt to wear during morning and night times.
  • It’sts comfortable and safe for the skin and make it feel feminine.
  • It is purely made of mulberry silk with no trimming and pocket.
  • Sleeves are long and are front open with a silk belt attached outside to close
  •  All sizes are available from s to XXL.
  • Perfect gift for honeymoon and wedding night.
  • And many more forms like
  • Bridal short wedding and nightdresses
  • Silk nighties
  • Long nightwear for women
  • Wedding bathrobe with lace
  • Handprinted robes with mulberry silk nightwear and so on.

Kimono-styledresses will make women feel free and give extraordinary pleasure and happiness. Kimono is a traditional Japanese national dress. It has been improvised into short,long,sleeves, and other styles making it suitable to wear at different times and occasions and purpose.

  • In the modern world it’s used by different people for different purposes like
  • The robe is worn by faulty or students during convocations or graduation
  • The judge or barrister attire is a robe
  • Monks’ wear many
  •  It is worn in educational institutions by faculty or students, especially for ceremonial occasions, such as convocations, congregations, or graduations. [1]
  • A religiousdress including pulpit robes and the robes worn by various types of monks.

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