Can I Settle My Worker’s Compensation Claim in Arizona?

All reasonable and necessary medical care, as well as temporary and permanent disability benefits, are covered by workers’ compensation in Arizona for most injured workers. An alternative to receiving periodic payments of workers’ compensation is settling a claim. 

However, there are situations in which taking a workers’ compensation payment is not the best option. Any Arizona worker who has suffered an injury or illness on the job would be wise to seek the advice of a skilled tucson workers compensation lawyer before accepting any settlement offer. 

Arizona Workers’ Compensation Agreements and Their Varieties

  1. After a workers’ compensation claim has been accepted in Arizona, the injured worker and employer can enter into settlement negotiations. The injured worker might choose between a lump sum and a structured settlement as payment for workers’ compensation benefits. In contrast to a structured settlement, which pays compensation in a series of installments over time, a lump sum settlement gives the worker the full settlement amount at once. 
  2. Injured workers in Arizona were previously able to resubmit their claims for workers’ compensation should they require further medical attention for work-related injuries. A full and final settlement is now permissible in workers’ compensation claims thanks to a statute passed in Arizona in 2017 that changed the Arizona Workers’ Compensation Act. 
  3. When an injured worker accepts a full and final settlement, he or she gives up all rights to future medical care for preexisting conditions. The payor is obligated to detail the total cost of settlement components such as medical maintenance benefits and future medical bills. 
  4. The best strategy to maximize your workers’ compensation benefits may not involve accepting a settlement offer. If your health or finances are at stake, consulting an attorney can help you make the wisest decisions moving forward. 

The Importance of Seeking Legal Advice Before Finalizing a Deal

It is advisable to seek legal guidance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney before negotiating or accepting a settlement offer from their employer or the insurance company, as doing so could result in the loss of important rights and benefits. An attorney can assist a worker who has been injured on the job in determining a reasonable settlement figure by taking into account the benefits the worker would get during the course of a workers’ compensation claim. A lawyer can advise a client on whether or not a full and final settlement is appropriate and can also explain the consequences of accepting such a deal. 

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