Austin sexual harassment: What should you do?

State and federal laws prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, these incidents are not rare or unusual. Sadly, many victims fear the consequences and do not take action against the perpetrator. Knowing your rights in such circumstances is important, and before you consider legal action, it is wise to talk to an Austin sexual harassment lawyer. In this post, we are sharing the steps you must take if you are being sexually harassed at work.

  • Confront the harasser. You should let the harasser know that you don’t feel comfortable about their behavior. This might seem like a big step, especially if the person is in a position of power or authority. However, it is essential to be clear that this is not a joke you want to be subjected to.
  • Gather evidence. If the first step doesn’t work, you need to start gathering evidence. Make sure you keep as much documentation as possible, such as pictures, videos, and text messages, and consider taking notes of the conversations with details like time and dates. Your company already has a system for reporting sexual harassment, and you must take steps and inform HR.
  • Get help: If you reported the matter but suffered consequences or the harassment did not stop, you should consider getting a professional involved. Meeting an attorney in Austin will help you decide the best ways to take the case further. They can guide you on getting the EEOC and the Texas Workforce Commission involved so that you can get justice.
  • Take action against retaliation: If you informed your employer about the case and suffered retaliation, it is a clear violation of the law. For instance, if you reported sexual harassment but were demoted or denied other rights because of that, it is a case of retaliation.

Meeting an attorney

When you want action against sexual harassment, you need to know the legal options. They are law firms in Austin that work extensively for executives and employees, and you can expect the attorneys to give you a fair overview of the situation. You should take steps to get justice through the company’s existing system, but if your case was ignored, you can consider other ways. A sexual harassment lawyer will ensure that you don’t compromise on your rights. They will also take care of the documentation, evidence, paperwork, and every other step, including negotiation and representation.

Call a lawyer today to learn more about sexual harassment cases in Texas.

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