5 Weird Strip Club Concepts 

If you’ve ever been to a strip club, or even if you haven’t, you already know how basic the idea is. Men who, for a split second, think this exhibition of affection is happening in real life watch hot, glittering and jeweled ladies dance and shake their exposed parts. It’s not Real Life. Spoiler alert. If you ask us, the apparently never-ending line of stunning, unreachable women can get a little, well, dull. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the weirdest strip club concepts that have sprouted all over the world in that last couple of years. These clubs have elevated the idea to an absurd degree for your enjoyment.

  • Eugene, Oregon’s Silver Dollar Strip Club is a place where you’ll feel both seduced and horrified.

Each year around Halloween, this hot location transforms into a haunted mansion. Ghosts and ghouls in scantly dressed jump out from corners to both terrify and enthrall paying clients. Because being scared out of your wits is the definition of boner.

  • Lap dancing in the cafeteria of your high school?

Neoga, Ill

The School House takes the typical fantasy of a schoolgirl to a whole new level because it is a strip club located inside of a real school. School House is a genuine house of hedonism that is housed in the now-closed Pioneer School (which opened in the 1940s), complete with multiplication tables on the walls and a major stage in the cafeteria.

  • 2001 Odyssey: If a gay bar existed in outer space…

FL Tampa

Do you recall the time you were a child and received a lap dance in the planetarium? That is EXACTLY how this is. Glow-in-the-dark planets can be seen on the ceiling, flooring, and, yes, even the strippers in this space-themed strip club. You might even glimpse Heranus if you’re extremely lucky (bring enough singles, jokes about the planet).

This is merely a standard (boring) strip club on any given day. But every two weeks, strippers exchange their pasties and thongs for Storm Trooper masks and Han Solo outfits. Keep your light saber in your pants during these twice-monthly Star Wars-themed activities, even though we know it will be difficult. 

  • Lego Strip Club: A club made entirely of Legos, indeed.

Fair enough, you can’t really go here. However, the Lego Strip Club is a real thing, which is both wonderful and scary. This is a unique Lego set created by Chicago-based Citizen Brick that is in no way connected to real Legos (LEGAL ISSUES). The Foxy Blox includes a man dancer, a stage with a pole, and functional LED lights (yes, batteries are included!). Two female strippers are dressed in bikinis.

  • The Nymphas Show Bar believes that being wetter is better, therefore it descended into the ocean’s depths. Eliat, Jerusam

This underwater peep-show off the coast of Eilat in Israel had lovely women spilling all kinds of underwater secrets in a wrap-around aquarium that was accessible by a 230-foot bridge and a flight of underwater stairs, but it is no longer in operation. Consequently, you didn’t even need a PADI certification! 

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