3 Types of Cannabis Edibles to Try in 2022

With cannabis now legal in more and more states, we are seeing more of these products everywhere we go. And it seems like more and more people are interested in partaking in their alleged benefits.

Among the more popular products in the cannabis industry are edible cannabis products. These are edibles cannabis extract has been infused into. Making cannabis edibles allows the user to get all the supposed benefits and effects without having to inhale smoke.

Are you interested in learning more about the cannabis edible options out there? Here are three of the more popular options people are so eager to try.

1. THCV Gummies

THCV gummies are derived from hemp, and the THC is converted into a non-intoxicating compound called THC-V. They are non-intoxicating and they are less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia.

Some have claimed that THCV gummies have many health benefits. These potential benefits include euphoria, appetite suppression, and satiation of users. It’s for these reasons that they are sometimes called Skinny High Gummies.

THC-V mimics natural bodily endocannabinoids and it does not increase dopamine production in the brain. This is what keeps it from producing the high and negative effects of THC.

2. Edible Cannabis Oil

You can mix edible cannabis oil tinctures in drinks and foods or drop the oil directly on the tongue. People who have used them have claimed to be far less stressed, experiencing a sense of peace and rest.

Many believe that edible cannabis oils have anti-inflammatory properties. Some have claimed that they serve as an anticonvulsant, antioxidant, and neuroprotective agent. They also may be able to fight off pain, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy.

It’s no surprise that people suffering from these issues buy cannabis edibles. And while more research is being done on the matter, there are some who report seeing an improvement with symptoms.

3. Softgel Capsules

Softgel capsules are believed to promote relaxation and anxiety relief. At least some people who have tried them report a greater sense of calm. Some of these capsules also have melatonin as an ingredient, which greatly aids in both stress relief and better sleep.

A common thread among all of these products is the possibility of stress relief. Anxiety is a prevalent issue right now, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. These products are potential sources of stress relief, and that’s why they are so popular and why so much research is going into investigating these alleged benefits.

Cannabis Edible Products

These are three of the cannabis edible products that are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. If legalization continues on its present course, you can expect to find more cannabis edibles for sale almost everywhere you go. If you’re interested in trying them, research your state laws, consider talking to your health care provider, and start looking into some of these products.

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