4 Things to Know About Weed Cultivation


Did you know that more than half of people support the nationwide legalization of cannabis?

As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, more people are becoming interested in weed cultivation. Whether you want to grow cannabis at home or on a larger scale, there’s never been a better time to learn how.

However, if you want to get good results from your next crop, you should learn a few things beforehand. That’s where our informative guide comes into play.

Read on for 4 unmissable tips for growing weed.

1. Invest in Growing Space

If you want to cultivate cannabis indoors, you’ll need a good amount of designated growing space. A grow tent is a practical and affordable solution.

Grow tents provide a stable atmosphere for your indoor plants, allowing you to simulate a constant climate all year round. They also enable you to manage your plants’ light, moisture, temperature, and humidity, allowing them to grow quicker and stronger.

2. Get Some Quality Lights

A suitable LED light array is key to any good weed cultivation setup. These grow lights are specially designed to replace natural sunshine, promoting photosynthesis and delivering the correct color spectrum for the plant to develop and thrive.

Choose a light with an adjustable height to encourage your plants to grow taller and develop more flowers. Make sure you choose a grow light with enough power for the number of plants you want to grow.

If you want to grow more than ten plants, it could be worth considering an industrial grow light.

3. Consider Auto-Flowering Seeds

The main advantage of auto-flowering seeds is that they grow and develop quicker than traditional seeds. The time it takes auto-flowering strains to fully mature is nearly identical to the time it takes many photoperiod strains. Auto-flowering strains take around 7 – 10 weeks to fully mature.

If you want great results fast, auto-flowing seeds allow for a quick harvest and turnover without the need for increased labor.

4. Monitor Humidity and Temperature

If you want great results from your next cannabis harvest, it’s important to understand the role temperature and humidity play in a successful grow.

When humidity levels are high, cannabis plants use their leaves to take moisture from the air, resulting in less water being pulled through their roots. On the other hand, they will take in more water via their roots when the humidity is low.

Follow this link to learn more about how water activity in cannabis affects moisture and humidity.

Weed Cultivation Made Easy

Weed cultivation is an intricate process with many variables to consider. Falling short on any of these crucial points could mean disappointment when it comes to harvest time.

As you grow more weed, you’ll find that your knowledge and experience base will quickly grow. Just remember these fundamentals, and you’re set for success.

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