4 Reasons to Choose a Certified Dealer for your Next Car

Riverside is a hotbed of tourist attractions, with renowned museums and multiple yearly events. At these events, the number of vehicles is almost equal to the number of people! Such is the popularity of cars that people buy in great numbers, sometimes from uncertified sources.

Unauthorized dealers may offer better deals or shorter waiting periods for your car. For example, an authorized Chevrolet dealer in Riverside might take time to secure your vehicle due to stringent quality and safety tests. But in the long run, you do not risk the assurance of a sub-standard product.

Here are four reasons you should contact an authorized dealer for your next car in Riverside.

Dedicated After-Sales Service

Imagine you visit the historic drive-in theatre in Riverside to enjoy your favorite movie, and your car breaks down or gets punctured. At times like these, certified dealers quickly respond and handle your vehicle’s maintenance without high costs.

Additionally, some dealers provide free servicing after you purchase a vehicle. Other authorized dealers might also offer the option at reduced costs.

However, non-certified establishments do not concern themselves with after-sales assistance.

Genuine Spare Parts and Accessories

When you choose to provide your car for repair or maintenance with authorized dealerships in Riverside, you can rest assured that they will use genuine spare parts. These parts are manufactured by the parent company and adhere to standard regulations to ensure no discrepancies.

Moreover, you can install authentic accessories to enhance your vehicle and not worry about malfunctions. The low cost of living at Riverside means that you have ample to spend on accessories that accentuate the look and feel of your car!


The warranty period is crucial to saving significant money if the car is prone to damage due to in-built faults. Usually, authorized centers offer free-of-cost service for vehicles under the warranty period.

A car purchased from an unauthorized dealer in Riverside has a different serial number than one acquired by a certified showroom. Hence, it is easy for service centers to differentiate this number and refuse free service if they notice a car devoid of a warranty.

Either way, cars require more maintenance as they age. For instance, a five-year model in 2022 will cost about USD 208 annually in care. Compare this to a 2012 model, and you will notice an increase, with the annual repairs costing USD 406. Hence, sticking to an initial warranty period to reduce costs and ensure adequate maintenance is crucial.

Attractive Offers

Riverside hosts various cultural events like the Lunar Festival and Festival of Lights to promote unity among the residents. These festivals are also perfect for buying a new car since authorized dealers offer attractive offers for sales and after-service for a limited period.

For instance, they may offer significant discounts, cashback offers, additional accessories at no extra cost or easy financing.

On the other hand, non-verified dealers might offer cars at a reduced price without other benefits and no quality assurance.

Summing Up

In a bustling region like Riverside, a car makes commuting easy within the city and all over the state. However, avoid being lured by lowered prices by unauthorized dealers and choose genuine showrooms like the Chevrolet dealer in Riverside.

So, visit your nearest authorized dealership now!


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