12 role play ideas to try out with your partner

Exploring your wildest fantasies with role-playing is one of the most fun concepts you need to adopt to move to the next level sexually. Concerning bedroom duties, there is no one way to get to the peak. What matters is that you understand your partner, and you both work in sync to bring the better out of one another. One way to ensure intimacy remains in the relationship is by adopting the concept of role-playing. However, if you are new to this experience, you would need some of these role-playing ideas to help you get the action going with your partner.

There’s no role-playing without a theme, so before you begin making preparations, you might want to watch some free porn videos that feature role-playing to see how you can get things done from there. Here are, however, some role-playing ideas you should implement in your relationship.

·        The boss and secretary:

Having sex in the office is fun, although you must not be caught. The fact that you shouldn’t be caught makes it more interesting. You should try it!

·        Patient and nurse:

As mentioned earlier, it is important that role-plays have themes; this is a popular role-play character. Have this set up with your partner and enjoy the thrill of getting treated from the walls of your room.

·        Strangers:

If you have ever thought of having sex with a stranger as in a one-night stand, you can explore it with your partner. Strangers have sex, too; you and your partner should try it out.

·        Maid:

Imagine your partner being the mistress, and you are the maid. All you need to do is obey and carry out any order, with or without restraints. Pleasing the mistress begins from here.

·        Housewife and plumber:

This is another popular role-playing idea you should explore with your partner. Most free porn videos have this same theme, you can check them out. However, ensure you have a doorbell, it’s essential.

·        Teacher and student:

Although unethical, it remains one of the most searched forms of role-plays on adult sites. If you want a kinkier situation, make it somewhat religious.

·        Stepparents and children:

If you have ever thought of banging your cousin or step-sister, you should adopt this role-play. Your partner could be anything you want them to be, be detailed.

·        Pizza Delivery:

Have you ever fantasized about sex with your pizza delivery guy? Yes, you have! You can make it a reality; all you need to do is get the required sex to role-play costumes and get your pizza delivered to your partner, who would be the customer.

·        Royalty and servants:

Typical royalty might have zero regard for their servant. If you want a freaky and extreme role-play, you should adopt this type.

·        The tenant and landlord:

There’s nothing as interesting as paying in kind for rent. You should offer your partner your body as payment for the food and hospitality you’ve enjoyed over time.

·        Clients and Masseuse:

If you are interested in erotic massages, you should explore this with your partner. You’ll be surprised at the level of connection.

·        Real estate agent:

Who says sex is not an acceptable payment method for real estate and mortgages? Talk to your partner and understand how much sex your house would be worth.


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