Launching A Retail Store? Here’s How An Events Management Company In Singapore Helped Me Launch My Retail Store

Everyone loves events, dancing to loud music, partying, taking in the spirits, basking in the strobe lights, or lounging on chic seats at the hottest party venues and top events. When I had not discovered an events management company, I went insane because first, I did not know how to organise the event I was hosting, which was the launching of my pop-up booth, and second, I had no idea where to get my suppliers. All I knew was retail interior design in Singapore and how I planned to showcase my visual merchandising displays.

If you are hosting a party soon, I suggest working with an events management company in Singapore. Below is a quick timeline of how they helped me. Never forget to save this for future reference!


When I worked with my events management company in Singapore, they were in charge of calling my guests. They were in touch with everyone by calling to schedule the event. They also contacted some influencers to drop by the launch of my pop-up booth. They called and sent a text message a month before the launching date to give them time to fix their schedules. My event organiser informed everyone in advance to estimate the number of attendees.


On the fifth week before my launching day, the events management company in Singapore and I started looking for inspirations and pegs for my pop-up booth. They asked me about my preferences and how I wanted to show off my clothing products. They helped me work on a theme, spend hours on Pinterest, and see some charming setups we can incorporate into the launch.


During the fourth week with the events management company in Singapore, we made an inventory of the items we had on hand and needed for the launch. Some things we already had are shelves and racks for visual merchandising displays, hangers, POS solutions, cash registers, bags, pricing guns and tags, mirrors, and other specialty displays.


It is easy to spruce up my pop-up booth with every décor piece I want to showcase if it is clean and well-organised. My events management company in Singapore and I scheduled a day for general cleaning on the third week before the launching day. This period is when we also flaunted my visual merchandising displays and placed everything else in its proper places.


By this time, everything was already ready for my launching party. Your events management company in Singapore and the organiser should have a final list of attendees. Everything else is in its proper place. I also spent a couple of hours ensuring everyone has a little something special from my launching.

With the help of my go-to events management in Singapore, there were tons of delicious treats, event party games, free designing classes, a runway show, in-store services, freebies, and gift-wrapping stations awaiting my guests. If you’re hosting a party or event, save yourself from the hassle and work with an organiser.

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