The biggest beer festival in the world is undoubtedly Oktoberfest in Munich. And yes, drinking beer is by far the most common pastime there. However! That doesn’t imply that drinking beer is the only thing to do there. The number of people seeking alternate, drier hobbies may surprise you. Here, we have a list of enjoyable Oktoberfest activities you can do except drink beer if you’re one of them (even if you pretend you’re not).

Sample bavarian food

Although Oktoberfest is sometimes referred to as a “beer” festival, it is a celebration of all things Bavarian, including culture, music, dancing, beer, attire, and, most importantly, food.

At Oktoberfest, there is an inexhaustible supply of delectable Bavarian cuisine. For example, there will be an abundance of sausages, roast fowl and fish on sticks, huge pretzels, dumplings, soups, noodles, schnitzels, roast ox, candied nuts, and rich desserts.

The highlight, though? You can enjoy them even if you’re not consuming alcohol under a tent! You may buy just about anything you could ever want to eat at the numerous food vendor stalls and tiny food tents that are spread out over the Wiesn. You wouldn’t believe it, but they also provide various vegan and vegetarian meals.

Observe the Hunters’ Parade and traditional costumes.

The Traditional Costume and Hunters’ Parade has been held on Oktoberfest’s opening Sunday since it started in 1950. You will adore this event, especially if you are a die-hard fan of Oktoberfest costumes. It’s a parade with over 9,000 participants, dozens of groups representing various Bavarian villages and clubs, and marching in traditional attire.

Aside from the fact that some towns go overboard with their floats, it’s a thrill to see all the varied ways Tracht is celebrated worldwide.

Explore different Oktoberfest beer tents

Every tent at Oktoberfest has a unique ambiance and “character,” which is fantastic. If you plan to stay at the festival for several days, you should try to visit a few different venues to see what they’re like. However, it is not a good idea to leave your table and try to find a seat elsewhere on busy days, such as evenings and weekends. There’s a good chance you won’t get another table.

View participants as they ride the craziest rides

There are a few top-rated attractions and activities that you may watch for free entertainment during Oktoberfest. The toboggan, in particular, is always fun to see.

People essentially pay to be zipped up 8 meters on a swift conveyor belt, followed by a set of stairs, before they muster the energy to slide back down. Although it may seem silly, most of those who attempt it are usually quite drunk, making it funny to witness.

Shop for souvenirs

Yes, Oktoberfest does indeed offer a ton of buying opportunities. Numerous gift shops offer anything from amusing hats and plush toys of all kinds to Oktoberfest T-shirts and souvenir mugs. You can find them throughout the festival grounds.

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